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Nice quality, wrong dress

Easy to work with and responsive, but made the dress in a different color, fabric, and fit than the picture. It was not what we ordered and did not get any money back

Color and full ness

According to the picture we saw no the website we thought the dress would be more gold color and would have more fullness. Are we able to get the dress in a more gold color? The size was perfect. Thank you!


While some details like the straps and star detailing on the straps were different, overall the dress is still beautiful. Made completely to the measurements I ordered, and I highly recommend

Beautiful but prettier in the picture

The slit in the leg definitely exposes my underwear area anytime I move around and the buttons are so loose they look like they will fall off. It’s definitely a get what you pay for situation, can’t expect Vera Wang quality for $300.

8th grade graduation dress

My daughter couldn't be happier with her dress!! It fits perfectly and the price was more then fair. Amazing work and affordable we will definitely be back again

Overly priced for quality

I bought this dress for prom because i loved it on the model. However, it was very very see through. The quality, other than that, was better than expected but definitely not worth $150. The dress did its job. The company was very nice and responded well to all my emails. I have them all my measurements and It arrived and fit exactly the way I told them!! Took about a month to arrive to make sure you order in advance!

Simple Satin Short Prom Dress Lavender Homecoming Dress HD0054

Buyer Beware!

I ordered this dress custom and I'm not sure if this is where the mistake was. Maybe if you ordered it already made it would be correct and you could get it altered elsewhere. Unfortunately, the top part of the dress looks nothing like the photo. I am short and the top part of my dress was made for someone with a very long torso and bigger breasts. I was told by the shop to just pull the dress down more, but I had no more torso to pull it down. It was like whoever made this dress did not have a photo of how the dress was supposed to look. It was honestly awful and I am not wearing it anywhere. I provided the correct measurements (I had 3 people measure me) but it seems my torso length and strap length should have been requested because they were way to big on my dress and changes the entire look of the dress. Also, the back of the dress does not look as pictured either. When I reached out they were responsive and wanted to remake the dress BUT they wanted to remake the dress WITHOUT my strap and torso length, which was the exact big problem, I declined. Besides the awful fit and dress not being as pictured the fabric was not the best and the back buttons are actually fake pearls which cheapen the look of the dress. The photo of this dress is really nice but it's honestly not what you receive or at least not what I received. The last response I got from the shop was they wanted me to again provide my measurements (the same measurements I already provided). This shop did not provide a refund for the dress.

It's too long but besides that I like it

A-Line Tulle Straps Sequins Lace Prom Dress Split Evening Dress TP1120

Beautiful! Satisfied customer.

Beautiful dress. Well made and as ordered. Received a friendly email immediately after ordering to make sure of the details of order. Order arrived well in time. Having a very excited daughter who can't wait to wear it to her special occassion. The dress is a bit on the big side, but nothing that can't be easily fixed and may be due to weight loss or difference in measuring tapes. Also appreciated the fact that I could follow the parcel through Tirdress (linked to courier site) even when handed over to the courier.

Amazing dress and quality!

I was worried at first about if the dress would fit or not, but the dress fit amazing! One of the most fitting dresses I own and fits my body well. The customer service was great as well. Some flower decals weren't fully sewn on, but it wasn't a huge deal for me. I really enjoy the quality and comfort of the dress!

We ordered this dress for my daughter to where at prom. No only did it get delivered in a very timely manner & made with excellent quality,
The company kept in close contact with me helping with the measurements so that the dress could be perfect. Very much recommended. 5stars all the way!

Fits great!

The dress is so pretty. Exactly as pictured. The quality is very good. The measurements are close to what we gave. Shipping was quick. The only issue was that it came in a bag, instead of a box. But it wasn't harmed in any way.
Can't wait to wear it!

So cute!

The dress is perfect! The material is great, and it looks just like the picture.

Granddaughter prom dress

She absolutely loved the dress, it fit her perfectly and is so beautiful. Thank you so much!!
Linda Cooley

Not good

I got a custom color and custom size. The fabric is completely different than what it should’ve been. The only thing that I liked was the sizing.

Not like the picture

The picture posted and what we received the two different dresses. From the material used, the bodice of the dress being sheer, the breast cup design, the boning in the bodice being poorly done, the back clasp in the back sewn on the outside of the dress just to name a few. The only thing that resembled the dress was the colour.
Brought the dress to see if it’s fixable by two different seamstress and both agreed that it couldn’t be brought to the picture as it’s not the same dress and to bring it to be wearable would cost twice as much as I paid for the dress. Hopefully it can be returned for a full refund or a proper dress just like the picture sent out

Dress it awesome when I got it. However shipping was not great, pain extra to have ship faster received dress 3 weeks later. Did not refund shipping


I love this dress. It is simple but elegant,a little long but with the right heel will be perfect.fits at the waist which is a plus and just overall makes you feel like a princess.I would recommend!

The dress arrived safely and it is very beautiful. Exactly like the pictures really. Although this only thing is when I hand washed it to get rid of all the chemicals (from the colouring and transport - normal stuff), the « pistils » of the flowers just somehow disintegrated. At with the contact of water they were crumbling into a white friable powder… but the dress is really pretty and was fitting.

It looks absolutely gorgeous and it came early

The empire dress is beautiful! More than beautiful, its gorgeous. Photos are not posted yet. Soon to come.

very well made dress

very well made dress. I got it custom measured and it fit perfectly. The only problem was that the flowers were not the correct color so I would make sure to specify better than I did when you order. Overall a very beautiful dress.


Ladies! I never write reviews, but this dress is GORGEOUS. If you want to know how to custum size this: you have to “message seller” They replied within a day and I received my dress sooner than expected!

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